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Our platform has it all: Qualified growth partners, Wide range of products and Attractive geographies

Growth Partners 

Access more than 100,000+ (& counting) prospective distributors, dealers,  customers, suppliers,  agents, and other growth partners, which have been profiled and qualified across a multitude of success parameters, beyond just a name and phone number




Now find a growth partner for a wide range of 100+ product categories, be it a two-wheeler or an electric vehicle, crunchy packaged snacks or healthy rice bran oil, organic hair shampoo or a beauty spa, a 20-ton tractor or a 10 ml syringe or even a USD 50 million solar project

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Explore growth beyond the traditional markets and tap into attractive opportunities from upcoming & emerging markets across the globe, be it Africa, Middle East or Asia


Our Story

GVaant (jee-vaa-nt) in the Sanskrit language means living or imbued with life. Our name signifies our purpose which is to imbue your business with a fresh lease of life. Our intelligent matching engine is built with our decades of experience with global business expansion and new market entry.

GVaant can also be thought of as a portmanteau representation of the words Global, Growth, and Vantage. GVaant provides you myriad growth and global distribution opportunities at a fraction of the time, the cost, and the risk and we do all of this by giving you the Vantage point view of the numerous connections you can forge through our platform and matching engine.

Our Pedigree

AGR Knowledge Services, our parent company, has over three decades of experience in successful global market entry, partner search, market research, and growth support. 


Since 1988, we at AGR have helped several clients of various scale and nature in fostering strategic partnerships for new markets and geographies across the globe.  We have been able to build strong relationships with prospective growth partners & various market enablers.

We have studied hundreds of markets and shortlisted & help finalize thousands of partner profiles for our diverse clients across industries and growth objectives (Distribution, Dealerships, Franchisee, Sourcing, JV, and more).  

Thus, GVaant represents the synthesis and evolution of our services & expertise.

Data led,
Technology enabled

At the heart of GVaant, is our intelligent matching platform powered with robust data that helps you to take your business across the globe. The search criteria, prospect ratings, and matches are powered by Gvaant’s proprietary AI engine called ‘Agya’.


'Agya' captures & processes your specific growth partner requirements and intelligently matches them with the right prospects from the platform. It also qualifies the search results by providing assessment scores across a range of decision parameters and attributes. Using these results, businesses can actually connect with the desired potential partners across the globe at a fraction of the risk, the cost, and the time.

‘Agya’ has been developed using insights from several years of experience in executing growth assignments, as well as inputs from market heads, industry experts, and specialists. And as an artificial intelligence-based tool, 'Agya' gets smarter with each passing day.


Benefits: The Gvaant Advantage


Time to get a match is shortened by as much as 80% compared to conventional processes. Unlock essential worktime for your sales team, so that they can focus on activating the strategy and hit the ground running before your competitors 

Vast & Qualified Network

More than 100,000 (& counting) qualified distributors, dealers, and growth partners in 50 + countries, all vetted by us at-hand, to ensure our matchmaking algorithms find you the right partners across the globe


E-connections with CXO/Owner for quick initiation of discussions without need to travel, thus reducing travel and related costs for introductory meetings & assessing the potential partner

Negligible Investment

Our platform driven approach enables us to provide you basic prospecting and matchmaking services at such a low cost that it does not need any budget clearance from senior management and minimizes your risk of buying our services

Tailor Made to your needs

Our Intelligence-driven technology ensures your requirements & criteria are not only captured but also evaluated & presented in the best possible manner. You do not just get qualified leads but the right matches!

Decision Oriented

Rating for each partner on key parameters enables quick decision making especially for top management. Flexibility and customization ensures that the parameters which are most important to you, are the ones that determine the qualification of leads & prospects

Our simple 3-step process to success





​•  Seed-Pick-Drop, your search
    criteria and 
    conditions for your 

​•  Upload the pitch proposition
    and relevant assets like

​•  Find companies that match            your requirements




•  Get a pre-validated list of
    top prospects with a short        profile, supported by
    underlying scores across a        range of decision attributes
    & parameters

•  Pick, Click and Send your  
   expression of interest to the
​    companies you liked




​•  Get a detailed profile of the
​    successful connections  with
​    breakdown by attribute level

​•  Initiate the further dialogues
​    on our portal, using our built-
  in communication tools

​•  Strengthen your entry with
    additional Go-To-Market
    services like Due Diligence,          Background Check & 
    connect with enablers like          legal attorneys, analysts, tax        consultants, interpreters,            market experts and more

We can assist you in securing financial support (short term and long term)
on both sides (Principals and Distributor channels),
with our global finance partners

Currently, the digital interface is accessible only to our internal teams, who will provide you with all the required inputs including qualified list, short and detailed profiles,

entry support as well as connections' facilitation


How can this platform help you?

You are a Manufacturer/Services' provider who wishes to build their brand in International shores but doesn’t have the right distribution partners

You are a Distribution company, who wishes to add some world-class products and supplier principals to its portfolio

You wish to collaborate with leading global product/service providers 
to win an upcoming government contract in your country

You are a Manufacturer/Service provider or Distributor, who needs to build a stronger dealer/franchisee network to take their products/services to

a larger base of consumers in target markets

You are a Manufacturer/Services' provider or a Distribution company seeking funds to strengthen your business operations in local/foreign markets 


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